The Woods Aren't Safe Anymore

by Tie Goes To The Runner



You asked me if I was a lover or a fighter. Well, that's a difficult question for me to answer. Because although I do not love to fight, I'll fight for love. And if we were monkeys, I'd pick the bugs off you. If we were bugs, I would help you hide. Your words, they echo in the distance of my wide open mind. The Lizard King, yes he still listens when he has the time. Remember when you said we could be perfect? But should two creatures become two lovers? is it worth it? Oh yes we walked those city streets; side by side like wildebeest. I knew then what I know now. I've gotta try; just you and me. The woods aren't safe anymore. I'll fight for love and I will fight for her. But I lost myself in the pretense of a euphoric state. Wielding swords for a distressed damsel who did not wish to be saved. They'll say that we gave up, but we'll call it a clean slate. We'll search for new endeavors and progress will be made. We know we made the right choice. At least that's what we'll say. We'll keep our minds busy and go our separate ways. We were threatened by a magician with a little baseball bat. I need to focus my attention on things like that to make me laugh.


released 25 February 2015



all rights reserved


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