An American Pastime

by Tie Goes To The Runner

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And I was just leaving it all behind, a new beginning. I can't resist to be near but I still know that I can't go back there. Cause you know that I am a killer and I'll do to you like I did her. I find comfort in knowing that they will never catch me. You and me have seen everything to see and I believe in a little more than something. So tell me what you thought about when we went down to the creek that evening. I just want to know. We came with only the best intentions but then we let them go. You came up knowing every single line. I grew up knowing that it was all a lie and I'd be fine.
It'd Be Nice 03:15
I bet when we first met you were so lost. How am I to help you when I've got the same problems that you do? We're so wrong. I have been searching for a way to fix these broken things. Try to be a better me but you can't escape who you are. All that I have is what I chose to give. All that I am is what I have to keep. But you're still playing games, wrecking homes and taking names. Have you no shame? I guess you can't escape who you are. I gave you everything that I had to give and in what did I ask for in return? It's way too crowded in here for me to feel this alone. Maybe I need a vacation or maybe I just miss home. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just hang out and be civilized? I used to feel that you felt right but then we both disqualified. I often dream of riding out into the sunset on the sand and you will be the one who's left behind me waving your hand. But I don't really wanna go home.
Small Talk 04:22
Talking to myself a lot these days. Just talking about you. It is unhealthy. There's been something lingering, and I can feel it in my bones. When I start to listen to the giants in my heart, they tell me to chase you from the start. I believe love can be obtained if you only have faith and courage to stand by the choices that you make. But this could all be a waste, so give up now and save some face. When I start to listen to the giants in my head they tell me to leave you for dead. There's a contention between the giants in my feet. One foot wants to get away while the other will never leave. I think it's time to listen to the giant that is me 'cause that's the only giant who can tell me how to be. I think I will just do what's right for me 'cause that's just the giant way to be.
Bones 05:14
I used to be someone worth saving. You used to often save me. We were just kids pretending to be adults. I never knew how things would change for everyone but me. What would you do with all the possibilities that have been placed in these hands? Well I do often think a lot these days about you and all of your plans that don't involve me. I was fighting for everyone. I was fighting for everyone but me. What does it take for you to make me feel old? Well you should know 'cause you think you're indestructible. How long will it take me to just walk away? How long will it take me to just turn the page? I'll run away. I know you want me to be more like you but I won't cause I always stay true. So lets go break all of our bones so that we know we're not invincible! I let go of you and I finally feel at ease.
Phantom Limb 04:37
I feel like I'm such a failure at everything. We tried so hard but it was lost when you began to find out everything. And I know you're trying so hard to find your way. Well I gave up on who we are and who we might be. I came with just one intention and it was just to be someone of some good intentions. Oh that should be me. Well I guess I messed it up when I just let myself realize that everything beneath my eyes would just go on and on without me. Well I guess we just got used to everything we've been shown. And I know we can not believe what we have been told.
Monsters 06:12
So tell me where have I've gone wrong cause I can't relate to anyone. I never meant to hurt you but what's done is done. Well I contemplate and over think and I have been trying to just change my ways. Oh you know it's always the same. We live for the chase but it dies today. And I think we'll be okay if we give each other space. Everything will be okay. Well we've tried that before, but when will we learn that it never works? It's time to separate. And you know as hard as it seems, to be healthy, it's you without me. And I just had to take a step back. these hands still shake but I still breathe. No longer believe in second chance. I'm an amputee but I still feel. And everything that we once believed in was a lie. And we'll just pretend that everything is fine. We gave up on everything we once thought was gold and I feel it's getting old. I close my eyes and wonder when we will fly. When will we die? I open just to realize that we were a lie but we were alive. And I suppose there's just some things we'll never know. But you'll always be my marigold; the one who I use to love. And we owe it to ourselves to just make sure the distance's felt. For now you consume my head, but with time I'll forget.
You asked me if I was a lover or a fighter. Well, that's a difficult question for me to answer. Because although I do not love to fight, I'll fight for love. And if we were monkeys, I'd pick the bugs off you. If we were bugs, I would help you hide. Your words, they echo in the distance of my wide open mind. The Lizard King, yes he still listens when he has the time. Remember when you said we could be purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect? But should two creatures become two lovers, is it worth it? Oh yes we walked those city streets side by side like wildebeest. I knew then what I know now. I've gotta try just you and me. The woods aren't safe anymore. I'll fight for love and I will fight for her. But I lost myself in the pretense of a euphoric state. Wielding swords for a distressed damsel who did not wish to be saved. They'll say that we gave up, but we'll call it a clean slate. We'll search for new endeavors and progress will be made. We know we made the right choice. At least that's what we'll say. We'll keep our minds busy and go our separate ways. We were threatened by a magician with a little baseball bat. I need to focus my attention on things like that to make me laugh.
Cranberries 04:19
I was so lost. You came with me. I left you there. We always always return. I left you. You watched me walk away. Walk away. I never have to say good bye to you. Good bye to you. I am afraid that things will never change. What do you want to hear? The thoughts in my head are so unclear so tell me what do you want to hear? I never felt your love. I swore to god that I would look out for you but you're a tricky one aren't you? You're always getting into a heap of trouble, a heap of trouble. Well I don't know where this is heading but I'm pretty sure I won't get into heaven cause I'm constantly making terrible choices and unfortunately I let that destroy us. Oh how you cried the day that your mother died, leaning on me hoping I would rectify. Everything we knew just applied for a transfer. I really wish I had the answers. I don't believe in anything like religion, or love, or even me.
Math Debate 03:03
It's not the same. Not like it used to be. Eventually things change so I fade away. Never gonna be like you. I'm sharp and you're so obtuse. You never notice those little things in the big picture around you. Well I am the omen that lets you know, It's not the same, not like it used to be. Inevitably people change. So I fade away. We fell apart but we always know where we are. We've come so far. And I'll never say that we were close with no cigar but that's just a part of who we are. It's not the same. It's not the same. We fade away. Fade away.
I like dinosaurs 'cause they are neat. I like looking at all of their teeth. But they all died from extinction. Yet some animals survived. It's peculiar. One on one, T-rex vs. Me, just know that I will try to avoid the teeth.
Guilty Party 04:16
Slippin' down a slippery slope. Nowhere to go but downhill. Eventually I hit the sea, rather the sea hit me yet I continued plummeting. Bad men are coming for me so I snarl my teeth. Just one eye closed when I sleep. They try to put me in a cage. You underestimate my rage. You won't capture me. I never get caught so good luck cops. Well I am a fugitive because of all the crimes that I committed on you. You know that they'll never capture me because I won't go willingly. You know it's true. You know I go with the flow you know. I never get caught so good luck cops. I never get caught. You know I won't get caught. I will never get caught.
I woke up this morning in a cold sweat with my covers on the floor. My nose was bleeding and my hands were shaking from the nightmares of the night before. There were ghouls. There were monsters and the scary part is you were there too. Now I'm left wondering why even in my dreams the antagonist is always you. Do you notice it too? That the antagonist is you. Do you notice it too? Well I do! I'll find an old friend and vent about the time we spent. I played your games but you never let me win. At the end of the day when you're lying wide awake, just know never again will I let you get to me.
I could fall apart and just run away; leave someone else with the responsibilities but that ain't me. Well I've felt a lot of things over the years, a false sense of pride mixed with tears. Dealt with all the pressures passed out by my peers and I'm still conquering my fears. It's not wise for you to just keep burning bridges of the friends you've made. I'll leave you before you burn me. And we often sailed into the setting sun of inebriation. Well I've been wasting my time just tracing lines of empty pages in a book titled "Your Promise To Me." It's not wise for you to just keep burning bridges of the friends you've made. I'll leave you before you burn me. This is the place that we live in! This is the price we pay! This is the choice I was given and it was taken from me. This is the place that we live in! This is the price that we pay! This is the voice I was given; still so much to say. It's not wise for you to just keep burning bridges of the friends you've made. I'll leave you before you burn me.
Deja Vu 04:32
You used to be so alive in me. Now you're just a secret I have to hide in me. Coming clean has never seemed easy for me, and I can hardly breath. Well I've been striving to keep surviving but I'm exemplifying everything that I've come to hate. Well I've been trying. I've been writing. I'm not sure what is left. Something's gonna break. Maybe I will bend but most likely not today but maybe I will. Lobotomy suddenly seems welcoming compared to these flights on broken wings. Maybe did you ever think that maybe I'm not okay? But I try to be. And it's not like we saw this coming although we always looked around. Well it's over. Yeah we fell. My dad told me to stand for something. Just don't stand around. I won't take this lying down.


released February 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Tie Goes To The Runner Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

NJ sing-along dude rock / indie prog funcore fusion

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